A new adventure



The past year has been pretty busy, I moved house, got married, and perhaps the most daunting yet exciting of all, I launched a business. I've always had an ambition to run my own company since working for the family business whilst at university. The entrepreneurial spirit must run in the family.

After 17 years in the signage industry working across a range of different positions, project managing major wayfinding and environmental branding schemes, delivering global multi-site roll outs and designing bespoke signage, the time was right.

It's not just a job, I'm passionate about this industry; the craft, the tradition, the creativity, the engineering, the fact the final product is so visual, so subjective, so incredibly important, and in some cases incredibly permanent. I am a self professed sign geek and my travels always feature an element of sign spotting (I can thoroughly recommend a few if you ever get the opportunity -  the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, the Letterform Archive in San Francisco, the Buchstauben Museum in Berlin, Ghostsigns walking tours in London or just wandering cities and looking up at signage and lettering in the built environment for inspiration.)

Now I'll be driving all of this passion and inspiration, my influences, everything I've learnt, my creativity and my practical experience into my own company.

I am very proud to introduce THIS WAY, a brand new signage consultancy. If any of your projects involve signage, we'd love to talk to you.