How we do it.

Our projects are diverse and often complex. Our processes are not, they are straightforward, robust and agile.

We like to keep things simple, break things down and offer clear direction from the start. We believe the most important ingredient is communication. The relationships we hold with our clients, partners, collaborators and suppliers are the foundations on which we build successful projects.

Wayfinding, brand implementation, architectural signage, whatever the type or scale of the job, we work to four key project stages.

Underpinned by years of industry experience and solid project management, we do things THIS WAY to ensure consistency and success is a given, and your brand is applied in the best possible way.



From the start we ask questions, lots of them. We do this to understand what success looks like for you, and to start mapping out our plan to deliver it. We consult with all stakeholders to build a full list of objectives and establish the lines of communication. We collate, audit and evaluate existing drawings, sites and plans and from this we report our findings, make our recommendations and form our strategy. 

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The development stage is where we are able to unleash our creativity, and this comes in many forms; concept development, technical design and engineering, prototyping, wayfinding strategy, producing guidelines or a creative methodology for delivery. THIS WAY will take an innovative approach to every project and will always push the boundaries of expectation in order to deliver the very highest quality.



Our vast experience in delivering signage projects across a diverse range of sectors, backed up by PRINCE2 certified project management, strong commercial judgement and an extensive supply chain allow us to consistently realise the creative vision and ensure it is implemented as intended. From planning and procurement through to programme, production and installation management, we provide hands on quality assurance at every stage.



A key part of every project, this stage is vital in ensuring that all of the goals and objectives have been met. Our stringent completion process allows us to monitor this and document any ongoing support requirements. It also provides important opportunities for us to perfect our craft.